1. Classy

  2. I moved this month and there’s some awesome art installations that have been on display in my new town- all dog themed. These three were among my favorites.

  3. fyeahkillswitchengage:

    We’re happy to announce our Monster’s Mosh Halloween shows with All That Remains, Death Ray Vision, and City of Homes!!!!

    so I may be pressed for cash but this is definitely going down. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen ATR and KSE in the same room together! ^_^

  4. Made lots of friends during Yappy Hour at Wonder Bar in AP this afternoon

  5. cturtle86:

    Beach fun with my favorites

    Yesterday in a nutshell

  6. Went down to Point Pleasant and then Asbury Park to user in beach season w/ Kara and our friend Carrie. So much fun! Asbury Park will be seeing a lot more of us in the coming months.

    *I may or may not have bought all 3 of those NJ Star Wars decals…

  7. It’s been a long time coming and I still can’t believe it, but I’m finally seeing Deltron 3030 live this summer. 

  8. So there’s some nostalgic nonsense happening tomorrow in Wildwood. Landed free GA tickets for Fuel, Hoobastank, and Alient Ant Farm. Lit was originally supposed to be on the bill but they dropped off. Staying down in Wildwood tomorrow night and then we have Dropkick Murphys at the Stone Pony on Sunday. Throw in some dolphin watching, pancakes, and possibly the Cape May County Zoo as well.

    After the shit I’ve been going through, it’s time I end this summer on a high note. 

  9. Middle Class Rut & New Politics killed it this afternoon. Amazing sets.

  10. Woman taking video of Middle Class Rut this afternoon on an iPad….upside down.