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Protest The Hero - Yellow Teeth


Protest the Hero - Plato’s Tripartite (2013)

“Plato’s Tripartite” by Protest the Hero is a song that condemns sexual violence, victim blaming, and the justice system. Unfortunately, we live in a society that judges and shames victims of sexual assault, but shows compassion towards predators. For example, when CNN’s Candy Crowley and Poppy Harlow sympathized with the two teenage boys that raped a 16 year old girl because they had “such promising futures.” 

"You made your bed when you were born in your bones, so lay back, sweetheart, in a body you only sometimes own. 
Lay back upon cold concrete floors and rest your drunken soul.
What more could a lady ask for than to be treated like a hole?”

In the verse above, Protest the Hero satirically confront the idea that rape victims “ask for it” or bring it on themselves. Additionally, they touch on the fact that some men only see women as sexual objects.  

Read the lyrics in full here

Check out Canadian progressive metal band Protest the Hero on their Facebook and Twitter pages. 

— Sara Lambert


Drumhead Trial | Protest The Hero

Disney’s Robin Hood (1973)

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I love L.A in the summertime.

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Clouds are weird yo.

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Sequoia Throne | Protest The Hero

Did you come here to kill or did you come here to die?

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